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lirik lagu 287 – lil kaine



in my mind they [?] dust
firepower; what i l*st
2*11 is a must
filling up the f*ckin’ clip
with the bullets; red tips
holy sh*t, now you learn
let that fire set you free
goin’ on a k!llin’ spree
2*2*5 set you free
with a smirk, i’mma grief
[?] go and leave
lit ’em up, christmas tree
stock is [?] bump stock
eyes burn, eyes burn
12*gauge, unheard
on a lame, on my name, g*l*o*c*k
now i’m feeling strapped
hit me with a couple [?]
[?] when we blow your head, to me, it’s all the same
bloodline on the front line, pulled the front page
blood black on the [?]*face
going for a [?]
lurkin’ through my city with no biddy, loaded on my block
2*11 on my block
money [?] if he stops
tryna get me for my guap’
but i [?] cops