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lirik lagu 3 a.m. – lil killshot


(verse 1)
im in the zone like shak ready to dunk
guns in ma’ trunk cowboy drivin’ a horse
i f-ck that bad b-tch with my eyes closed
call me the pope i put my faith in the gold
touched by god im a black angel
i look like h-ll boy with ma big bangers
i don’t give a f-ck the law like a teenager
ellos dicen que estoy loco and i say maybe

super .38 in ma waiste
no time to waste n-gga i want the paste
benjis in my pocket like scarfe
hallow tips put a big hole in yo’ face

cortando la yola dolla’ by dolla’
en esto del hustlin’ mi cl!cka controla

3 a.m. with my gang
40 cal bringing the pain
3 a.m. with my gang
im the king in the narco land