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lirik lagu i just – lil lard


oh my god oh my god
evading tax fraud, fucking
your b-tch on a quad
i fucked on her father i fucked
on her dog i fuck in the rain
i fuck in the fog
yeah im eating -ss, while im smoking
on that gas skrr in the whip so f-ss
i just ate a woman -ss
i never finish last
i live in minecraft i k!lled that ghast
im a guy im so fly im so high
im not g-y hey hey hey
wait yeah im still not g-y
i dont suck peepee i suck
cl-tty iddy bitty tiddie committie
you can mistake me for p diddy
but my real name dexter
imma fuck your b-tch
then never text her
im better than dax dax dax
(fax fax fax)
(and then some other freestyle shit idk)