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lirik lagu 4pm – lil’ mama


[verse: lil’ mama]
came in the game as a youngin
out in miami, y’all was calling me family like it was nothing
and when it got thick y’all was frontin
never [?] hey yo east, you remember
everybody mind they business till they need a feature
cuz you picking up steam and your name will fill the bleachers
the way y’all feel i don’t need you neither
cuz you feel like you don’t need me neither
i thank the lord i ain’t bitter
high spirits, high cheekbones, no fillers
and y’all don’t know nothing realer
i got the model physique spitter, stone cold killer
i been trill since aaliyah was rocking hilfiger
up in harlem, on the hill getting skrilla
on my downtime catch me on the island in the villa
when it come to rap i just do it cuz i’m the greatest
like bomaye in his prime i just pay it
for i jedi too fly for you darth vader’s
f-ck i give about a hater when i’m getting paper
that’s right (that’s right)
and you know that just the basis
when i study the game it’s hands-on
the plan be to make it then put your man’s on
supply enough rope, that’s legs to stand on
anybody ting get in my way get bland on
it ain’t no compet-tion and it ain’t no contest
y’all know i’m the best even if y’all don’t confess
and when it come to flows don’t talk to me about no flows
i’m big pimpin baby minus the hoes
and you can be lebron, steph curry or kobe
i’m still numero uno d rose
and you was my daughter like i told you before
it’s mama’s house like we hitted it raw
and you ain’t got no sons
i be hearing you talk crazy but you really is buns
so when you talk, talk politely
and when you tread, tread lightly
cuz the ice getting thinner like 6666, it’s gon be a cold winter
i know why the generation lacking respect
cuz y’all [?] never fight to protect, y’all only fight to neglect
and y’all don’t ride unless we repping y’all set
like you ain’t realize it’s all about the capital yet
this all about the benji’s, y’all don’t care about no culture
y’all open the doors for these culture vultures
it ain’t my fault, i ain’t urkel, i ain’t do that
and so what if i hurt you, get through that
unresolved issues with the big homie
and all these middle men a bunch of big phonies
i been a threat before i signed to sony
still wavy with the water sipping on dasani
acting like y’all know me, y’all don’t know me
if you really checking for me send a check for me
yeah and i’m still getting checks like nike owe me
ovo, i’m october’s very own
10.4.88 when i was born
9 pounds 13 ounces all facts
i been doing it big, that’s why they cut through my moms
for my [?] i get a breath from my lungs
and no matter how far i go i don’t never forget where i’m from
you know i’m the one
and y’all might win some but y’all just lost one
come on