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lirik lagu 44-44 – lil’ mario



that acres home mayn
that 4, that 4 (that 44)

[lil mario]
i’m that lil yo, i smoke hydro
get ready for the bomb, as i hit the this do’
pick up my n-gg-z, and do just what we do
some say my n-gg-z trip a lot, but i’m gon hold ’em down
my brick off n-gg-z, don’t play no games
how you b-tch n-gg-z, like us now
and we gon hold it down, in these h-town streets
acres home n-gg-z, drink purple lead
smoke purple weed, y’all heard of me
lil mario, 44 (44)
and you know it’s real

[hook x2: poxy]
44, 44-44, 44
that acres home man

acres home man, 44 mayn
we hold it down mayn, we representing mayn
all the time mayn, acres home