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lirik lagu 24 bars – lil maru


mama tryna stop the way i’m livin’
when they came through with that [?]
i done broke my mama heart and tried to fix it
strugglin’, we payin’ the bills like sh*t “we livin’.”
i was really in the streets hoe hustlin’
tryin’ to make the ends meet, mo’ money
i was really in the heat, so bummy

aye, aye, they can’t tell me i ain’t do it, cuz i really did
havin’ dreams of all my nightmares, feelin’ like a kid
i never really meant for it to go like this
r.i.p. my big cuz man, long live chris
all these other wack rappers ain’t built like this
i swear to god it wasn’t supposed to be like this
man*made, baby i came up from the bottom
said she like a ghetto boy, she lookin’ like a model
and i never found my answers at the bottom of a bottle
lot these n*ggas fakes, if he trippin’ we gon’ squabble
got a n*gga preachin’, got a n*gga singin’ gospel, leave your mama with no child, that’s the end of a novel
i remember back then, i ain’t have no clothes
i was tryna hustle, tryna get to the dough
rovers on my homies, yeah to close all the doors
i was tryna get it, tryna get it on my phone