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lirik lagu 0-100 (freestyle) – lil mouse


[verse 1: drake]
f-ck all that “drake you gotta chill” sh-t
i be on my lil mouse drill sh-t (4x)

[verse 2: lil mouse]
all of my n-ggas they’ll drill sh-t
i ain’t on some telling them to chill sh-t
these diamonds in my chain i feel like hood rich
in the hood wit all my jewelry on my hood sh-t
i got n-ggas from l were they blowing for me (boom boom)
this money in my pocket i feel like cash money
sneak dissin talkin bout they don’t like me
oh what i rap about well this ain’t the last of it (edai)
where i’m from is drug dealers and murders
ride down the 9 them n-ggas will murder ya
he say he know me i never heard of him
catch me in the ghost with a b-tch and the curtains up

all these diss songs don’t pay no mind to’em
shooters show how ya momma cry saying “bad to ya”
all my opps wanna make a diss song
boy that sh-t weak n-gga i ain’t even gon’ lie to ya (goofy goofy)

[verse 3: drake]
f-ck all that “drake you gotta chill” sh-t
i be on my lil mouse drill sh-t (4x)

[verse 4: lil mouse]
ya whole squad on that opp sh-t
in the 4th truck steady ridin thru the opp sh-t
shotta ride thru the opp sh-t,anywhere pookie so i know he gon drop sh-t
i be on my at the top sh-t when i’m on the flight
you can catch me in the c-ckpit (n-gga)
hunnit bands in my joggin (bam!)
tryna reach for it you just made yourself (boom)a target (boom boom)

squad sh-t man (whole squad on that real sh-t)
shout out to everybody that’s f-ckin wit me
and f-ck everybody that’s not
shout out my n-gga drake and the whole young money/cash money
(whole squad on that real sh-t)
real recognize real n-gga! squad squad

(whole squad on that real sh-t)

[james blake 5x]
could it be the way that i’ll catch up!