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lirik lagu ballgame – lil nesley


[verse 1 – lil neom x ]
take me down to the bas-m-nt, feed me buckets of cheese
all of these haters gon talk they talk, watch them roll back when i come with the glock and i
outdo all compet-tion, watch me do this with ease
i’ll take the money and all of the fame, take home the trophies like it’s a ballgame

watch me crank it watch me roll
got a touchdown and a goal
soulja boy be in the park
tell stories like alex clark

at night it be getting dark
at night it be getting dark
hope i find a place to park
goose season, we’ll make our mark

[verse 2 – lil nesley ]
ima pull up at the ballgame
just like jake paul i got mad fame
i’m gonna test out my draco
yo mans a nerd he a lame-o

shawty gon pull out the deagle
that’s a girl gamer she evil
just like rosa parks i’m a rebel
i got wings cuz i’m sipping on red bull

lil nesley, lil neom x
we use scooter no bmx
roll up to your house like
a freaking t-rex, with a shorty
in the back, while we using tech deck

diego got merked, dora’s next
i got a supreme life vest
i like this beat it’s aesthetic
call her dad i’m zerezetic

yuh i’m so cool
i don’t juul
i don’t vape
man that’s a lot of damage can you use some flex tape?

on this beat, i go hard
like your dad in the churchyard
i don’t need no body guard
i need a n-body guard

you heard me, no disregard
fight you in a boulevard
broken dreams, that’s a sin
i’m 10 years old like raisinabin