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lirik lagu nothing to u – lil peep


i use to dream of you
na,i use to lose my sleep for you
but now i see right through
and everybody wanna f-ck with me
but i’on f-ck witchu
i use to scream at you
i use to turn my cheek at you
but now i need you too
and everybody give a f-ck bout me
and i ain’t nothing to you
i’m just looking at my life while it go down the drain
i got pain in my brain,but i don’t never complain
i’m insane i’m deranged,i see your face at the rain
this ain’t no race for the fame,but at this pace i’ma make it
face it,you basic,lil peep you’re replacement
i’m taking your spot
i’ll give it back when i’m raking the gwap
maybe not
i keep on checking statements
i’m checking for payments
while you checking ya plays b-tch

[outro x2]
i been doing my own thing lately
i been holdin my own thing for safety
i don’t pick up the phone till they pay me
they asking me how it feel,i say it’s crazy