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lirik lagu bedrock – lil raisin1


verse 1: lil safety
yo its safety
im like bedrock
and you a dumb gr-ss block
you like a minecraft pig
sitting down
and to go find a pick yeha
yeah yeah
i play minecraft
but im good
and you look like you
came out of the hood

verse 2: lil raisin
yoooo its me
lil raisin
i got taht bedrock
your mum looks like a sad wooden hoe
they are so fake
then i headshot
then i put him in a headlock
and write with this red chalk

verse 3:lil safety
yeah her dreadlocks are fake
but not like minecraft
you look like a date
after this you know you are gonna faint
maybe take some paint
because you are going to cover this blood

verse 4: lil raisin
yeah bedrock
reminds me of black chalk
and some concrete
imma leave so neat
that i leave no treat
then imma hop on the street
and start a beat
and i cut yo feet
and you won’t take one seat

verse 5: lil safety
yeah bedrock
imma k!ll you with my hawk
and you won’t do anything
because you are just a piece of chalk
me and raisin
running and we blazin
yeah we know we gonna start raising