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thapa boppa - lil ramesh lyrics


[intro: bala on the beat & cristiano ronaldo & pusha t]
ha, you know we made this track
f*cking sh*ts and giggles all the f*cking time
and you still talk sh*t about all the f*cking indians

but aren’t u quite literally walking w/ half of it?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[verse 1: archit “indrizzy” bhargava]
i said let’s get down to the facts
there’s f*cking too much that you lack
you speak on bodies, we a witness
you can’t stand on your business?

wait you talk sh*t bout her too?!
your f*cking spelling out your doom
there’s no offenses called on you?

yeah you remember vyass?
i’m proud of that lil’ b*tch

you wanna diss me for real?

that’s something that can’t change by rapping

say your dissing and packing?
don’t know know what your lacking
you talk too much that’s why i’m rapping

never learning your lesson

i’ve had enough of this dumb sh*t
if u wanna clap back then u can stitch
but you know ill respond promptly
cause you’ll sit back,

[bridge: bala on the beat]
sau talkin’ rich, ain’t got the cash

make fun of him for havin’ wealth

beggin’ for code, man, where’s your pride?

take sh*t too serious, man, why bother?
talkin’ sh*t ‘bout the goat, you lost, no hope

talk all you want, you still look dumb
mess with the goat, get left in the slums

bala on the beat hoe!

[interlude: sreesh & others]

let me tell you a fact, osama bin laden is my great grandfather…

*bomb explosion*

part ii:

[part ii intro: mizxtro]
ramesh mode activated!

[verse 3: lil ramesh & hollyhock bathroom]

lookin’ at all of these fake hoes, they ain’t real they just pretend

call me yo’ son but you just a lil pet
d1 whiner, all to threats ain’t no sweat

large mouth, short size, health in decline

i know all the sh*t you finna’ talk

unlike you, i done changed from my past
but i guess you don’t wanna know nun bout that

talk with all that ego, all bark no bite

good shot bhaiya!

go ahead talk yo sh*t raoey

huh? what is this beat

huh? this ain’t a beat without me

i don’t need no f*cking introduction
id lamar i pull up to the function

say you the best but u really just lackin’

you say your smart but your game not popping

i already know that you’re not f*cking dissing

i tried to have reason without lasting lesions
you call it peace keeping but now i’m straight tweaking

dealing w your bullsh*t all year round

yuh, i’m done dissin’ and packin’
or else the insults would keep f*cking stacking
and just so u know that i don’t lack sh*t
take a minute, process that b*tch!

*3 gunshots*

part iii

[outro: mizxtro]

ending this f*cking track like a reaper
calls from the gang like they need a new feature
talking bout begging when u left for attention
hopping on everyone’s d*ck with aggression

all you do is ride, go get a personality
blank slate, b*tch made, no individuality
can’t defend yourself, what are you a p*ssy?
you always stay hidden, it’s not that hard to see

moving real fast, my lyrics are foolproof
got f*cked up by a b*tch named rooph!

you always take sh*t too seriously
two month periods, you annoy me severely
i’m not dissing you, i’m just educating
saw the playground pics, sh*t was devastating

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