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lirik lagu hella goated diss – lil rav ft lil oli


lil rav:

jason on that beat boy

u wanted all the smoke
now u got it
hair cut f*cking old
obama said he want

gucci on my wrist
oli f*cked his homeboys b*tch
got his own twist
she said she won’t snitch

got lil oli on this mosey beat
payed him for this f*ckin feat
hold my chain
let me back it up
hit a molly then i turn it up

call me 12k cuz i got the wallet ay
h*lla goated so broke they just want it
made em drop to their knees ay
they prayin for a f*ckin feast
they just unleashed this f*ckin beast, ay
now they better watch their f*ckin t**th
see what ima do to u in a f*ckin week
now i’m super hype ay
i got all the spotlight ay

jason that beat boy

lil oli:

sorry arav, imma steal the show
beat muq, kung*fu panda po
yes we going toe*to*toe
two seconds later, he is on the floor

grown man plays minecraft
grown man will get clapped
head his song, yeah i laughed
i spend my money on aircraft

man thins he is bill russel
shooting his broke hook shot
barely has any muscle
this song gonna hit the jackpot

signed with bob seville
say no cap, only spit the real
2 dollar contract deal
my life a dream, call it surreal
they kick you off the server
you must really suck
to have toddlers with fervor
kick you around like a puck
my song a life*preserver
your sounds like a truck
gotta get a new barber
bowl*cut wearing muq

my lyricsyeah i play no games
dunk like im king lebron james
song so hot, burn like flames
popular, to critical acclaims

man grow up
hear your song, i throw up
in a fight, you dont show up
maybe it’s time for a glow up

game six mike jordan
cook you like im gordon
these homes im affording
this heat im recording