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lirik lagu 4yallhaters – lil scars


[lil scars]

got this b-tches in a trans (what)

they all baddies that’s a fact (yeah)

tell ur gf to come back (what)

she said she wanna feel my ice (uhh)

getting higher than the clouds (yeah)

all this n-gg-s wanna ride (yeah)

but all thy wanted was the cloud (what)

(fast part )
got this n-gg-s going crazy

cuz they know i’ll make it

all this ws that i’m taking

all this n-gg-s they be hating

wanna see me down

im sorry that i made it

all this cloud that i’m taking

got me in shook that i made this’s

all the drugs got me faded

making me act like i’m crazy

but all hoes want my babies