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lirik lagu computers (freestyle) – lil shawn


n-ggas in they feelings like b-tches on these computers
say they at me just like twitter, and did no shooting
n-ggas dying every year they need to keep recruiting
man, they know pbg the f-cking shooters!

[verse 1: lil shawn]
no face no case i gotta mask
you try to run i’m on your -ss
come on my block looking for spazz
he in your rear view letting it blast
now you screaming bro don’t crash
bail out bail out, cuz them bullets coming fast
don’t trip them bullets have you stretched out in the gr-ss
couple head shots now you gotta eat that gr-ss
now he screaming rip shorty
d-mn i used to go to school with shorty
but i can still tell he ain’t learn
that them bullets burn like [?]
his homie bail like he ain’t concerned
now we got a brand new body
come back the next night like we ain’t see n0body

[verse 2: lil shawn]
they like d-mn man them bosworth boys don’t let up
knock him down in front his b-tch like baby get up
his boys tried to k!ll his b-tch man thinking it’s a set up
but no lil folks just came in put in work like sit ups
i’m through the jungle like a zoo
i catch a [?] they make the news
i’m running up they so confused
they thinking d-mn what should i do?
he froze up like an igloo trying to keep his cool
now i’m finna blow him out his shoes
can’t spare you boy you know the rules
i’m bob the builder with these tools
i think i’m [?] on these fools
finessing hoes on top then p-ss them to the crew
they like shawn a baby you just don’t know what you do
i’m like shut up b-tch you met spazz on [?]
or you want kemo lil b-tch choose
ain’t finna sit here with you b-tch got sh-t to do
i gotta get to the money
trapping hard gotta serve a couple junkies