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lirik lagu 12 minutes – lil shayne


packin’ up the product, gotta give me 12 minutes
know the 12 always movin’ in silence (gotta get it tho)
i’m prolly a problem and you know that i’m a menace
when i lay down the law you abide it
hard not to get excited (hard not to get excited)
too much sauce you can’t fight it (oh no no, too much sauce)
rap on a license
and errbody think that i’m rappin’ on nitrous
i brought my hunger back back on that night shift
leave it to me and i might get decisive
and i guess, that my flow
back on that price*list (back on that), back on a vice grip
when they said shoot my shot they ain’t mean snipe it
all of that hootin’ and hollerin’, ice it
you prolly heard that i cook with the spices
can’t really f*ck with these bird i’m the nicest
ya girl jus’ walk round with speakers bump my sh*t
i was with the swimmin’ wasn’t plannin’ on divin’
sh*t goin’ left, and then i slid right in

lou williams i’m a problem (lou williams i’m a problem)
i’m a k!ller and i got em (i’m a k!ller and i got em)
i was chillin’ on the bottom (i was chillin’, i was chillin’)
i was chillin’ on the bottom gettin’ top
from a b*tch for bottom dollar
i was sippin’ on the liquor
i was smokin’ on the product (oouu)
and they ain’t know nothin’ bout it (and they ain’t know nothin’ bout it)
and they ain’t know nothin’ bout it (and they ain’t know nothin’ bout it)
sour diesel on my pallet (sour diesel on my pallet)
i was sippin’ from the chalice ( i was sippin’ i was sippin’)
end goal is a palace (end goal, end goal)
and vogue in the balance

this is jus’ me i got so many talents
she treat me like meat but i’m smokin’ on salad
i pray for the team and i know that it’s valid
i do this for practice, i’m provin’ they badges
a proven assassin, i do and i manage
i do what i can and she do it with manners
do what i can for a ring on the banner
do what i do make her sing on the mattress
i’m f*ckin’ this b*tch and i swear she the baddest
i been doin’ rap but i swear i’m a savage

stick with me doin’ damage (stick with me doin’ damage)
i’m a muhf*ckin’ chemist (i’m a muhf*ckin’ chemist)
she thought it gettin’ lavish (she thought, she thought)
i ain’t reakin’ no havoc (i ain’t reakin’ no havoc)
got my grandma name tatted (got my grandma name tatted)
get my momma name tatted, next
i ain’t never worried bout it no stress
get paid and write away the whole check
i’m afraid of myself no tek
i’m afraid of myself so blessed (so blessed)
afraid of myself so blessed (so blessed)
i’m afraid of myself so blessed