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lirik lagu tekken tag – lil tracy


[verse 1]
could give a f-ck about these mother f-cking hoes n-gg-
’cause most of them f-ck with some hoe n-gg-s
i’m gon’ do shows you could worry about them hoes n-gg-
i’m on my own and i’m lurking through the snow n-gg-
can’t feel my toes and i keep seeing these crows n-gg-
then i awoke because your b-tch calling my phone n-gg-

[verse 2]
i’m a young goth n-gg- smoking loud
i’m on that d-mn might make my momma proud
please watch what you say out your mouth
swing swords at his face chop him down
post-tive thug i tried not to frown
negative n-gg-s don’t like when i smile
f-ck ‘dem i’ma smoke on some loud

[verse 3]
we lose n-gg-s to the game every day
that’s why yung bruh chose not to play
i’ma nerd playing tekken tag all day
but i will shoot a n-gg- in his face
i got a sword that i really love to swing
i never use it but i practice just incase
a f-ck n-gg- think he could jugg on me
i would leave his blood on the streets