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lirik lagu .35 – lil trev


barber the producer:
feelings can’t even feel em
drop out who the realest
not me i can’t even feel this

barber the producer:
b*tches be boppin and poppin
they can’t even stop em from dropping tha bars like a masopust
which the farthest has come we been through a lot of sh*t
we pull up with the .35 we know split b*tch you know they dip

b*tch money comes with a lot of promises
that is if they say thomas is
just a producer can’t even rap for sh*t show em black magic
still tryna drop all these habits its pretty tragic
but tragedy ain’t gonna do sh*t but make cassidy not wanna suck nor f*ck
flying through all these different plucks
not for this song so shut the f*ck up

dont take no bars sh*t left scars taste like sh*t and does sh*t we pull up to the crib with the ambien they thing ima champion
they already smoking they finna be intoxicated his nasty ass t**th gold plated
b*tches be baitin
can’t even feel my legs xannys get girls to spread
because what we do is what we do but you might just end up dead

lay down in my bed think about what i did meant no harm but i really should have been disarmed

f*ck trevor better k!ll this sh*t

lil trev:
producer can’t rap for sh*t
first place we grabbin it
this a race you last in it
ya seat belt better fasten it
the blunt homie passin it
i’m very passionate
when it comes to the rappin sh*t
i’m still spittin and snappin at
some of its trash and no cappin that
what you n*ggas laughin at
the hate we ain’t havin that
what you grabbin at
too much for you to be grasping at
finna see the d*mn aftermath
what comes after that
you dissin gotta laugh at that
got an issue we talkin then
or no squashin it
my sanity i lost it man
hit play no pausin it
no one applaudin it
suicide bin laden here
i changed and got a beard

you don’t wanna hear n*ggas rappin quick
ya ass put a cap in that
like cat in the hat
grabbin the mack
hittin da back
makin a stack
that ass fat
now that fact
you n*ggas on crack
no one got my back
since i lost my dad
sh*t hittin really bad
miss what i really had
a n*gga really sad
tryna find my way back
but honestly i’m off track
make real sh*t you act p*ssed
make funny sh*t you ass kiss
the question i wanna ask is
why the f*ck care about this
put the money where ya mouth is
talk and mean sum
stop tryna be sum

told lil n*gga k!ll this sh*t
what you hear i’m the realest b*tch
never said i was the illest
but when we speak you feel us
reach out prayin to god heal us
don’t care if a n*gga fear us
when we say sh*t you here us
acting like you a bunch a k!llas
we gon go a couple rounds
now they finna clown
talk h*lla sh*t about
how all this sounds
you n*ggas out of bounds
this sh*t kinda wack i won’t cap
my producer he can’t rap
we will still post and thats fact
go ahead view and still talk cr*p
y’all can’t be positive
take drugs and get lost in it
speak with good posture b*tch
ain’t finna be pushed or bullied
h*lla straps we f*ckin pulling
just f*ckin self informing
you can’t f*ckin ignore me
let’s be honest you f*ckin adore me
no one else is me they boring
this the start of the story