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lirik lagu vision 2069 – lil turtle


[intro: lil turtle]
calling me all night telling me how you feel
pulling at my house and sh-t gets real (yeah)
when you popping pills sh-t makes u go in the zone
now i understand why u do it all alone (alone)
i don’t like it, when you do it in my home (nah)
going all crazy and it ain’t just your tone (stop)
change the subject
got depressed too quickly 30
yeah you angry, but that’s just cause you’re tipsy
sh-t got tense, (ah) riding only in germany
in that benz, (yeah, yeah) s five fifty

[verse 1: lil turtle]
baby go back in time (ah)
sh-t was so much fun
take my heart and run
went to snort a line ya

sh-t was off you re phone
we still laughing about ya (ah)
playing our favorite song
nights were trippy and eyes were red

they don’t know how it was going
but they still keep talking sh-t
keep coming up with lies
just to satisfy themselves
all i can say is shhh 1:05
focus on your f-cking self
cheating on your girl
and i ain’t goin say no f-cking names
you should know not to play games
with me 1;15 (please)
i know so much sh-t that you think that i did not see
(ah ah)
at least talk sh-t in front of me
acting like you forty but u still babies 1:29

[verse 2: lil turtle]
its so sad, so sad
cuttin ties is tough, but sometimes its a must
hate me for somethings that i didn’t even do
sad, wish the info was true
get your facts right boy, don’t be a fool (fool)
sh-t going to hurt you in the long run too
tried to help you, but this sh-t ain’t fair
poppin bottles, (pop), these were the days
no heart in your system, its so fake
jealousy or not, why should i care

its not f-cking fair

[verse 3: lil turtle]
had some good memories, i thought we’d have more
guess people change, and they just come and go
not the only one that thinks that way (nah)
everyone does too, they just don’t wanna say

[outro: anonymous]
and you know it!