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lirik lagu goulish (pusha t diss) – lil’ wayne


goulish (pusha t diss)

f-ck pusha t and anybody that love ‘em
his head up his -ss, i’ma have to headb-tt him
gut ‘em, lil tunechi sh-t, weak stomach
it’s me lt like when you heat b-tter
ol’ p-ssy in the pan, red is the flag
f-ck wit’ me wrong, i put your head in your hands
there’ll be blood everywhere, i got bloods everywhere
i’ma alien, i hope you ain’t the prince of bel-air
that’s real n-gg- talk, these n-gg-s speechless
cut off his arm and leg like i charge for my features
hammer on my side like i work in construction
your b-tch hit that head so hard we get concussions
n-gg-s can’t see me, not even a glimpse
too many banana clips, i feel like chimps
south beach b-tch and her tan line stupid
you can find me on collin’s like bootsy
i ain’t on no f-ck sh-t, i be on that trukfit
your girl do tongue tricks and you sweeter than 1 6
all i ever see is ben franklin face
i chase the bank i don’t bank with chase
you f-ckin’ with some n-gg-s that’ll murk y’all
n-gg- you softer than a m-th-f-ckin’ nerf ball
birdcall, brrrr, what happened to that boy?
he was talkin’ sh-t and we put a clap into that boy

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