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lirik lagu sinister – lil wop


ahhh, ayyy
evil haze
black money boyz deathrow, f-ck n-gg-
ayy, wop
it’s wop, it’s wop
ayy, ayy, ayy

[verse 1]
wake up take a p-ss, ayy, then i grab my trip, ayy
wake up, hit a lick, ayy, turned into a hit, ayy
lookin’ for your b-tch, she in the kitchen whipping bricks, ayy
i don’t f-ck with n-gg-s ’cause these n-gg-s ain’t legit, ayy
xan is all i eat, ayy, ain’t got sleep this week, ayy
i can’t keep the peace, ayy, i stay with my piece, ayy
chopper in the p-ssenger, your b-tch in the backseat, ayy
poppin’ percs and poppin’ xans until i am deceased, ayy

ayy, ayy, ayy

[verse 2]
b-tch, it’s wop, i feel like i’m the sh-t, ayy
that’s your b-tch, i took your b-tch, she gave me top up in the whip
i ain’t got no heart, so i can’t love a b-tch for sh-t, ayy
you gon’ kiss that b-tch and she was sucking on my d-ck, ayy (lil wh-r-)
got it out the pot, ayy, wopster got it off the block
a convertible or drop, watch me skrt up off the lot, ayy
[?] getting hot, i got rocks up in my socks, ayy
[?] working, had the glock, but i’m still back at the spot, ayy (lil wh-r-)