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lirik lagu 1v1 – lil yachty & rio da yung og


[intro: rio da yung og]
(enrgy made this one)
what up, enrgy?
what up, lil boat?
sh*t, alright

[verse 1: rio da yung og]
i got long money, b*tch
ain’t n0body give me sh*t, i got my own money, b*tch
yachty pulled up in the ‘rari with the chrome on him, b*tch
been spendin’ money since the day i got ahold of the sh*t
chrome hearts shirts, amiri jeans with the rips in ’em
jetfire glocks, extended clips, sh*t’ll get ignant
“rio, why your pop look like that?” it’s a six in it
don’t be steppin’ ’round my kitchen by the oven, it’s a brick in it
plain ap on my wrist, it’s a brick on me
d*mn she cute and she thick, i’ll trick on it
walkin’ through the valley with my stick on me
baby girl, these is not mcqueens, these rick owens
wait ’til my b*tch daddy go to sleep, hit a l!ck on him
he soft, back in the day my daddy took a half a brick from him
movin’ ’round six cars deep like it’s a hit on me
hundred round drum on the ar, i’m tryna hit somethin’

[verse 2: lil yachty]
i’ll march to flint for a pint of act’
and as long as it prints, we gon’ get the racks
grindhard e put up them hoes, call him midget mac
i’ll really get a n*gga gone, this ain’t this or that
i ain’t tryna argue on no phone, goin’ tit*for*tat
my old b*tch bad, i love her body, it’s tats on her tit
used to tote ars, now a n*gga tote the sig now
downtown detroit, my phone trippin’, ain’t no signal
used to be a jit but i grew up, yeah, i’m big now
my brother bust a wig down, my first crib was a penthouse
on my own, i was eighteen
boat and rio, godd*mn, we the a*team
and i love this lil’ b*tch, this b*tch asian
and she never gon’ get old, never aging
puttin’ numbers on his head like i’m nick saban
like it’s 2030, pull up with a ray beam
[verse 3: rio da yung og]
opps say they want cancer, let’s have a smoke out
the pop kinda taste nasty, shoulda poured some more out
today i got on so much ice, i could’ve brought my coat out
they like, “rio the goat, this n*gga really brought lil boat out”
told yachty we might have to run, i got some dope on me
took him on a high speed in flint, that sh*t be fun to me
oh yeah, i forgot to tell you, it’s a gun on me
you better have two hundred shots and one chop if you come for me
in the crib by myself, hundred racks keep me company
b*tch, if your credit score ain’t high, you ain’t touchin’ me
just hit this b*tch raw and hit it in her, now she stuck with me
n*ggas bringin’ tens and twenties out, i got a buck with me
b*tch, your baby daddy still can’t f*ck with me
made eighty racks yesterday, but i put up fifty
yachty pulled up with the hoes, he got a whole tour bus with him
b*tch, i ain’t got crabs, percs and lortabs got my nuts itchin’

[verse 4: lil yachty]
i’m a big tripper
no i ain’t your bd, i don’t wear jeans with several zippers
twenty*three chains ’round my neck, it’s the big dipper
vs1 diamonds everywhere, wet like flipper
f*cked my white b*tch so good she almost said n*****
right then and there we almost put a hole in her liver
two up, i seen my brother hit some hoes off tinder
f*cked up, pour a six of wock’ in someone else’s blender
bro’nem will serve anybody, no matter gender
pray i make it up to heaven, know i’m a sinner
pray they never catch me lackin’
you gon’ have to hit me where i stand, ain’t no jackin’
fifty*five hundred dollars cash on my jacket
fourteen forty*nine charge for my ratchet