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lirik lagu sticky business – lil zemi


[verse 1]
yeah look at the way that i’m winning
yeah hop in the honda rims spinning
yeah you want blue hunnid’s go get em
yeah get off ya ass & go get em
yeah remember the days that i wanted this
remember the days you was all on my d*ck
now i’m focused on getting up rich
lil zemi don’t got time for a b*tch
go away lemme stack up the guava
go away talk to me like ya father
hater talk sh*t but i’m feeling unbothered
skirt in the honda but drippin like water
2019 i was drippin & saucin
writing these hits like i’m ally & austin
give you a compliment don’t do it often
mixing the drugs all the way to the coffin
[verse 2]
dying her hair, she want new beginnings
she on her knees so she get sticky business
under her tree there’s no presents, it’s christmas
that girl so p*ssed cause she ain’t get her wishlist
that’s what you get with the tricky business
with all that sticky business
zemi so tired of all of these lies
that girl a five but to me she a dime
zemi is just fully tired of life
10 x the combo you don’t wanna fight
walk up in gucci, don’t care bout the price
you got some opps & they’ll shoot you on sight
drip like the water, he cold like the ice
20 more minutes until she’s my wife