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lirik lagu 3 foe president –


aye vote 3 foe president

[verse 1]
i’m just ridin i done put a thousand miles on my body
practices so inhumane, if i become president, vote for me
rising through the ranks just like the president
that’s why i never claimed i was the best
i gotta bounce, i don’t call her
i am president 3
and you don’t wanna go to clubs no more and
im my own president while a home resident
the president is messing up his words, it’s hard to spit again
and all the girls we knew that screamed f-ck you going let me then
gettin higher den da president, you sweeta den doze
two big faces on my wrist, boy i got a couple those
so powerful call me the president
though my credits are slept, my ambition the best
i’m the president writing myself a letter
finding-nemo–ss n-ggas get your life together

[verse 2]
they don’t vote, then i change the tax laws, like “f-ck it then”
n-ggas start listenin’, and what i’m givin’ them
its all political this vote between us all
i’m tellen you one day these suckers gotta fall
they don’t vote, then i change the tax laws, like “f-ck it then”
here i go again, falling in love again
and so the muscle flow is something you can’t get no muzzel for
vote a topic for cypher i am making one but i thought i’m higher
umm, this lane is open if, if you need
gets there vote, so i suggest you retreat
shout ymcmb, mmg we run the globe
come to gloat, i’m here to vote/
practices so inhumane, if i become president, vote for me
i told her this here’s overrated but i love your city baby

aye nicca yall niccas called me trash and all dis bs but look how i can go from lyrical to f-ckin hood