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lirik lagu 5 am freestyle – lilpanda


its like 5 am

and im getting high

sit n smoke just to waste my time

hitting bowls, think another rhyme

its that sh*tty soul


just to make you cry

ion really know

why you gotta lie

deep inside , yeah i wanna die

blue hair like the sky

so i know ill fly

know ill fly

i been on the road

i been doing shows

she said that she luv me yeah]

ion anymore

how you gonna love me yeah

with your little lie

then she gone text me yeah

saying we should die

when she fall in luv

then she fall out

she gonе break my heart

when i f*ck about

came along from nothing yeah
and you want something yeah

you can’t get this sh*t

cuz i did it on my own

ion wanna bone

stop texting my phone

maybe you go home

cuz im on the road

im on the road to glory

i was f*cking that b*tch n she sorry

she love me when she get h*rny

yeah that’s my lil story

yeah wish you ain’t know me
b*tch you go bore me

free me


free me

free me from all insanity

free me


free me

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