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lirik lagu khazad-dûm – line of durin


hidden ‘neath the misty mountains
an ancient hall stands proud
glory of the dwarven kingdom
mining jewels and mithril from the ground

the greatest smiths in middle*earth
forging arms for lords of war
shining brightly in the darkness
but now, their hammers ring no more

what was once a place of honor
now a bleak and empty tomb
the bodies of our kinsmen lying where they fell
in the great halls of khazad*dûm

walls glimmering by torch*light
silver veins reflecting bright
deeds carved into pillars of stone
we shall one day reclaim our home!

malt beer, and ripе meat off the bone
fеasting in our glorious mountain home
warriors of moria condemned to a brutal fate
they delved to deep into the earth and found evil lying in wait!

“the dwarves delved too greedily and too deep
you know what they awoke in the darkness…
shadow and flame!”

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