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lirik lagu living like a runaway – lita ford


living like a runaway

i was running crazy, i was running wild.
living on the edge, yeah i was living in the skies.
my hands starts shaking like the streets of hollywood.
my mind was wasted, i still did the best i could.

one day i left town with just the shirt on my back.
and a guitar on my shoulder, yeah i wasn’t coming back.
i had to break the spell that my heart was under
so i rolled out of town on wheels of thunder.

and i will never forget what my mother said. she said;

run baby run, cross new york city
run baby run, to the streets of l.a.
run baby run, yeah you can’t slow down.
you can never stay when you’re living like a runaway.

i remember when i was seventeen. riding in the back of a black limousine.
i used to stare at the sun, and ask for god to please guide me.
in the right direction. i didn’t know where i was going.
i didn’t know where i was gonna stay.
all i knew i was going far far away.
and it still feels like yesterday, when he says;

[repeat chorus]

[guitar solo]

i left each town with a wink and a kiss. that maybe i’ll be back real soon.
a lot of memories from fans like you. people that made my dreams come true.
and i can still hear them saying:

[repeat chorus]

run baby run. [repeat until song ends]



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