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lirik lagu i am legend – lloyd banks


[verse: {dj whoo kid}]
back with a vegence, minus the big pendants
till the think my head big (yeah!) – but i got the same coat affendants. (uh!)
and rap is like tennis (why?) a bunch – a back and forth (forth!)
my ratchets, my racket! – that’ll back ’em off! {d-mn! }
off with a hater head – bury ’em still breathin’
six feet in his own; burough for no reason. [gunshot] (yeah!) {whoooooo!}
now that is freezing i figured i’d put the coops up
get two trucks with smokey gray and blue guts a few bucks
to get you up, (whoo!) but juice up – or ride around with the roof up
cause if not – they sn-tch you right outta there, get outta here! (get outta here)
marks on ya outer layer (outer layer!)
i’ll lay ya down plus i’m ’bout it player (’bout it player!) – i get were i’m goin without a favor.
(without a favor!) without politics! – tricks a feed p-ss
i need cash with seats fast with me i gotta eat.
i am a don with my feat! (yeah!) – i don’t know what song it is,
but i have always liked the beat so therefore – it’s mine or eat.
eat my lamborghini dust! (er! er!)
n-gg-s is grimey so only in hammers we can trust till it’s a slammer in them cuffs. {whooooooooooooo}
i am legend! – i make mixtape heaven, {kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
ya peasent? (ya peasent!) – you don’t wanna be the 1-8-7, ya done? (ya done?)
i break bread into slum, (slum!) some so in the winter i come, (come!)
the swith siders won’t work i tell ’em get ’em from numb. [gunshot]
your never sick of this! – your related christmas gift
the hating don’t get the chris; paper won’t get you this! [shot]
fake n-gg-s? slidgerous?, (yeah!) my balance is rediculous
these old n-gg-s frivolous, you can’t be serious! (can’t be serious!)
they all on they periods, might as well make them bleed
all over they tight clothing (ugh!) – i pop sh-t, got metal for chest.
just like logan! (ugh!) – boom, lyric’ explosin’
they can play the club all the time n-body knows him! (n-body knows him!)
but me on the other hand 3 to 7 lawsuits are open
i’m smoking, n-gg-! – new york city ain’t joking! [shot]
my flow poten! – stronger then a pure block
warlock – att-tude like i’m the one – you’re not! (not!)
1964 drop! – 1982 boy! 2009 style!
you outta the blind now! [gunshot]
well the best what? – over my gold casket
fatherless child b-st-rd (uh!) – if there is a requirment
test then i’ve past it – with flying colors!
my flying spurring d-mn near all rim. – no rubber! (yeeeah!)
i’m in – take cover, i been – where many won’t go.
you won’t blow! – tour the world and going back also. (going back also!)
middle finger po’-po’. – they punks behind a badge,
watch ya back! – don’t eat cheese chunks i’m not a rat! (rat!)
keep pumps and .9s packed – or get line backed!
flatline, line ’em up, we balling in diamond up! (uh!)
i’m all in and out a sl-t – n-gg- get your dollas up!
ya proud of what? (what?) – n-gg- you pouted up! (pouted up…) [gunshot]



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