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lirik lagu put it back – lloyd banks


[intro: {dj whoo kid}]
[kids ovation]
yeah! [echoes]
once again… [echoes]
it’s the “plk”! [echoes]
one day… [echoes] {let’s go! } i’m back! [echoes] {d-mn!} [gunshot]

first things first!
ain’t n-body touching me swag-style or verse! (naaah!)
i chilled a little while but i’m back! – now it hurts! (uh!)
the games full of he, she’s and it’s time to lift they skirts platinum diamonds to they shirts.
[shot] {oooohh! } i’m a diamond in your dirt! (whooo!) – neighborhood dust ball,
man f-ck y’all! – you’re hating cause i’m caking and your truck small.
plus y’all – mediocre flows can’t cut it
hip-hop’s too flooded [scream] – wack n-gg-s with budgets! (yeah!)
f-ck it! i’ll just ignore ’em! – i’m pretty good at that
i’m hooded black the crown left the town – i’m a put it back! (yeah!)
now how hood is that? (yeah!) – you in a woulda, coulda, shoulda lane (whaaaa’?)
dna full of sugar ‘caine! (yeah!)
it’s “termination on sight” – the white good in aim
my dash got the wooden grain, they took yours what a shame. (shame!)
you had been abducted in the hall of lames (lames…)
n-gg-s ain’t calling shots; they just calling names! [gunshot]
marijuana memory, alcoholic vains (vains!)
n-gg- i just want the money! – you can have all the fame! (yeah!)
i had a glow before my chain!
before the cameras and reporters came to witness a ballers rain!
rain don’t stop the parade – i just raise the roof
i’m the truth! pleanty of old stereos osama proof. (whoo!) {whooooooooooooooooooooooo}
my mama go shopping when she’s bored! {kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
a beautiful feeling and i chop a n-gg- for it. (n-gg- for it!)
i’m tougher than than a bid in thataca kids in africa (uh!)
you know i m-ssacre (uh!) – anybody you can think of; (yeeeeaah!)
think of me i’m spectacular monster – count dracula
anything that’ll scare ya! – boo! – i’m right in back of ya!
half of ya know the deal the other, half don’t even matter,
matter of fact i got a gat for that! i pop it in your blatter. (uh!)
i’ll add (uh!) a million of the n-gg-s up! – i lay ’em down and pick ’em up!
play around you getting cut – layed in a hospital truck. – what? ! (ooooooooaaaaaooooooooooohhhh!)

“5 and better” n-gg-! [echoes]
bring whoever n-gg-… [echoes]
it’s the unit! [echoes]
boy! [car crash] [beat stops] [kids ovation]