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lirik lagu the flow – lloyd banks


the flow

the flow makes me u go say what
the flow makes u go say what
the flow makes them go say what
yeah, yeah yeahhhh

i gettin’ top dollas i neva out free
don’t talk about me til’ u own a house keys
u freeloadin off your mama’s loot
u 30 somethin and still puttin’ name on the orange juice
it’s time 4 me 2 make an example
one after a anotha til his last one canceled
money i ran through, i’m outstanding, my life’s handsome, white phantom
light handgun, big mansion, on acres just rite 4 campin’
i think yo b-tch wanna come home with a star
throw bras, see the garage, and meneois
it started off with a picture and m-ssage
a morning and week later she had on a calodgue
rap is my hustle sh-t happened on the job
certified platinum in manhattan with the claw
yea that cream addict, i’m a green addict, i buy a 100 grand a year on my weed habit
now planin on properties anything that fit in the rubberband is pocket cheese
somethin i seen the weed man with
u front 2 get your beaken hit
the whip flipped u see airs when u see my chick pimp sh-t
they admired the sidewalk when u talk
and u tell that i’m from new york how i walk
and u ain’t sh-t that why u come up short
the summa’s here so i threw tha chinchilla in the coolers
me, buck, & the white tees over the rugers
see i always stood out so i’m used 2 the squeeze
i got the guccis, louies, yellow golds with the rubies
u know i’m poke em once i lure em out their drawers
when i’m near they’ re open like automatic doors
all i need is a minute, a lil’ weed and i’m in it, a lil’ season and fitted, with a b.m.d kitted
i returned from my spot
in the city where u wind up in the earn over guap
n-gg-s will hunted and find burn off your top
you dumb, you deaf, and blind deserve 2 be pop
we don’t stress, we shine, we swerved on through the block
so i won’t get knocked i got one eye on the road the other eye on the cops
watch out for them youngins outside with them glocks
you’ll be toe tag throw in the box over the rocks stop



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