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[f*** lō-key? - lo-key? (band) lyrics


ayy, lo*key? (what up, man?)
y’all ain’t no rappers, why y’all be rappin’? see what i’m sayin’? y’all can’t rap no way, punks
ah, okay. you trippin’. why you comin’ off like that, brother? you know, we just doin’ black music, man. we havin’ fun, you see, we’re doin’ our own thing, you know. let us live our life, alright? you live—
nah, nah, lance, nah, lance, he tried to front, man. check that, man. won’t you let us live our lives. d*mn, man. let us live our lives, okay? you big no deal havin’, you big scary curl wearin’ — you punk. he’s a punk, he’s a punk. we about to rap again now

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