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lirik lagu youngbloods (the intro) – local-k


[verse 1: local-k]
i’m trying to find the pieces, believe it
this jigsaw will leave you speechless
barely breathing, seeing visions though i know they’re deceiving
these dreams are figments of, all my beliefs and insecurities
fueled by my immaturity, i’m never really sure of anything at all
too scared of the fall
quest forever for my destiny
a melody, softly playing they’re so heavenly
we all could use some ecstasy
more love though i’ve come to realize, that it’s never enough
tough luck, yeah
this world is built on tough luck, that’s why my will is stuck up
i’m still feeling like i f-cked up
though i guess, i’m just a youngblood
yeah, i’m just a youngblood

[outro: local-k]
sit down with your b-tches