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lirik lagu danny’s song – loden green


i wanna wake up
i want you to wake up, oh
yea i want you to-
yea i

40s on your bedside, got them 40s on mind
look into those red eyes know that they weren’t caused by cries
living through the memories all the moments left behind
apologized for my mistakes, wish you could recognize

i told you that it’d be okay, didn’t let me know know, know
im sorry it went to that place, you faced that low low low
we talked in moments up in sp-ce, but please don’t go go go
you had to go go go
just please don’t go go go

oyst, god ay

how did it end like this
can’t go pretend this sh-t
messed with the friends i did

stop, slow wait

tried to amend with him
don’t know the place you been
look at the place we’re in

you couldn’t escape
didn’t find that whole way
seemed like i dunno pain
but now all i knows shame

you could float away
i could go insane
and i know the hate
thanks for knowing me