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lirik lagu blue passports – london right now


well you know the state of the country these days…
when the racist c*nts are elected to power
lets not speak no names
litigious sh*ts are on the tip of your tongue
you know who the c*nts are

if you’re f*cking stupid enough to think that kicking everybody out of the f*cking country will mean the nhs will be free
we kick all your c*nts and sorting out your f*cking brain
well you’ve got another thing f*cking coming, we want more immigrants coming over here
we want them all to take your f*cking sh*t council houses from up north
before they take your sh*t jobs where you’re packing
in salisbury
in lidl
in aldi

we want blue passports
and f*cking spam every day!
give’us it in tins, with the f*cking key
we remember that!

spam every day

lets throw the f*cking right wing in the bin
right wing in the bin

don’t be surprised when we come and stab you in the back you c*nts