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lirik lagu eastbay – loopers


(sample from power trip)

(the real beezer)
typically i kick game like eastbay
you know that i rep the eastbay…each day

counties like alameda and contra costa
me and 80 rep the eastbay the mosta

eastbay express! read all about it!
beezer and 80 reppin, no doubt about it!

enough with the reppin and more with the rapping
enough with the playin and more with the scr-pping

slammin’ it home like kenneth faried
colin kaepernick would be so proud of me

i’m the king of the city, just give me the key
b-ball city enthusiast like spike lee

you need some money i’ll give you tree fiddy
even if you needed to flock some biddies

wake up in the morning feeling like p. diddy
[no hitting](pending) cause i flocking love this city

(80 gold chainz)
check my dog tags, what’s it say?
representative of…east bay

this ain’t just another lob city cliche
we about that stephen curry…poppin’ treys

(be) careful when you hang around oak-town
thug life city, best city around

all those other biddies just gold diggers- moneyball
just pray the golden gate bridge doesn’t fall

we rain it down like the super splash bros
we follow the golden rules- bros before hoes

tryna diss the eastbay-flock you
it’s our party, we can do what we want to

golden state guarded by my main man curry
i’m outie, you should leave in a hurry

(spoken) i went a little slow at the end