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lirik lagu hottest – lor complex


enter any city
i’m the hottest b*tch that’s in it
you could ask so many bitties ’bout me
they’d be in they feelings

like to build a plot to paper
off my ass and then go get it
any room i step my left foot in
d*mn right the realest in it

if you pop off that’s a bad idea
but you’ll see that yourself
and i’m worth too many billions
they can’t put me on a shelf

wondering who is the hottest
but it’s plex h*llo who else
made of sugar baby in the rain
i’m sure to f*cking melt

if you like your life don’t play with mine
not trying get left then do what’s right
life is a test don’t lose your mind
learn you the best and you’ll do just fine

i’m the type to make the money
then go back and make some more
if it’s something you’ll get from me
it’s to get a bag for sure
to the guys i am a goddess
to some b*tches i’m a wh0re
don’t give a f*ck ’bout what you call me
’cause with me i am secure

know you liking what you see
’cause you ain’t never seen this
he might make a lor mess
if i give him a lor kiss

if i want it
then i get it
yeah it’s mine
you get the gist

if he hit that thang right
it is a river not a mist
know i keep that thang tight
and i make this p*ssy grip

know i love to take a flight
f*ck ‘ya n*gga on the trip
you should worry ’bout my bite
and my bark ’cause i’m a b*tch

you know all that i recite
came out my mf lips
yeah you know that i’m a shine
i’m a get it get mine
don’t be dumb and cross that line
just might up and end your time
if you broke i will decline
baby, that sh*t is a crime

and i’m so got d*mn fine
i ain’t gotta wait in line
if you pour me up some wine
i’m a take the whole 9″

god took time w/ my design
that’s why i’m so d*mn sublime
brains and beauty that’s combined
to the top yeah i’m a climb

and i’m so got d*mn divine
yeah i’m in my f*cking prime

if you broke that’s a choice
leave that sh*t to the boys
you ain’t making no noise
if you ain’t making no coins

i’m polite and i’m poised
if you whack i’ll avoid
love is my greatest joy
and fake sh*t makes me annoyed
the way i shine i blaze
know you know my f*cking name
after me nothing’s the same
i’m too hard my ex to blame

i just made my own lane
i’m not something you can tame
but these n*ggas i can train
drive all they asses insane

you can’t knock me out the frame
b*tch you ice and i flame
love to watch his chain hang
while he ba*ba bang bang

no you can’t be gang gang
and you b*tches stank stank
i’m the highest in the rank
with the sharks ain’t no tank

and i stay big banked banked
try me, you’ll be planked planked
it ain’t nothing to explain
i’m the sh*t and i maintain

i am all about the gain
i run my own campaign
ceo it ain’t no game
i don’t miss b*tch i aim

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