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the panty raid: - lord bones lyrics



waking up fried!
and i’m worried bout my soul ties
counting up blue bills with my closed ties (closed eyes)
2 mill, 3 mill, thats a cochise
don’t be playing with my soul b*tch im cold as ice
n*ggas scared cause they really really know im right
chin check n*gga b*tch im throwing bows tonight
n*ggas talkin like they really getting hoes tonight
boy i came to ya shows so i know you lyin
she’s a big steppa
i done letta (let her)
get in my head
and she said:
ion owe no n*gga respect, f*ck yo checks, i’ll get my reject!
shawty singing older tunes but i’ll give her till like next year june
until then i’ll eat the poom, i’ll fruit the loom, i’ll bring her doom!

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