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lirik lagu 4sum – lord sizzle


legs hanging off the bridge, i don’t want to kill myself
free slurpee day, slur my words that time i tried to feel myself
corn on plates, in sight
inside a woman that i like
but it wasn’t that i had tried, cause homie, she was a dyk-
tricycle, my lip trembled as i flicked light to the viceroy
don’t trade me your ploys
dressing herself with no mirror tonight cause she wants to be one of the boys

forcing myself in this foursome decor [x6]
losing my mind, hope she losing that weight
sipping my gatorade down by the lake
calling her cutie pie friends super fake
but you know that it’s solid when you’re asked to shake, wait

i got a broad in toronto that look like a panda
then strand her while we wait for santa
snow in my nose
i won’t give you the time, and though it’s in rose gold
i won’t give you a sign
flying back home, detour in chicago
wind blowin off of the top while i’m riding on vogues
call that whip rogue, cream and silver, it flows
vanilla and sprinkles on bi-lingual hoes