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lirik lagu bronx menace – lord stunnah


sometimes i gotta talk to the streets, you know
let them know i’m still here
& ain’t going nowhere

n*ggas love my old work, guess they f*ck with residue
came back from miami, you could say i got some better views
crazy what a b*tch will do, when rent is due
i refuse to put all of these women on a pedestal
i can’t trust noone, i can’t say what i expect from you
you standing in my corner take as much as i can get from you
then them n*ggas start to think it should be them, instead of you
ego trip, if you’s a b*tch look what it led you to
tryna throw dirt on my name like it ain’t credible
gon come back around full circle sh*ts symmetrical
me & twin, carry twin glocks they both identical
cause n*ggas act like b*tches these days they switching genitals

now i’m getting high off u like you a edible
n*ggas made a spectacle out of me being skeptical
do so many favors they forget when they in debt to you
even gave you the blueprint n*gga, i invented you
ever since a kid i would i pick & choose
know we follow different rules
loyal to my own you don’t see me around switching crews
i was always was skipping school
learning what you couldn’t learn in business school
imagine what a kid would do
being too young to understand it
i’ll admitted too
don’t try to downplay those years, like it was minuscule
pursuing my career in rap, & in her life being visible
felt i was invisible
trust me it was difficult

growing up in the bronx, yo my life wasn’t typical
went to nyu, & dropped out i was miserable
n*ggas asked me to slide, when my situation critical
i almost threw my life away, for n*ggas that won’t visit you
told’em everything gon change when you know got a little you
can’t be out here lacking, all my moves unpredictable
they visualize my life, while they studying my visuals
although we shooting movies, don’t think that the stories fictional
they like stunnah where the money i don’t see it
its digital
you don’t got it see it, leave my children the residual
these diamonds like cereal this is different kind of minerals
i pitty the fool, i’m leaving all these n*ggas pitiful
i never ran nowhere, who tf ima be dipping to
cause when its war, you know i draw blood like physicals
used to be uplifting you, never thought i’d be dissing you
i don’t gotta ask for loyalty, my n*gga that’s the minimal
heard they little words about me wasn’t impressed
getting things off your chest, n*ggas get bodied for less
friendships don’t last forever but i gave it my best
they love to indulge in benefits but never invest
how come its only beneficial, when it benefit you
i know all the consequences of what jealousy do
i’ma loyalist, regardless of everything i been through
i don’t even say nothing when they start mentioning you
i guess we built different like uber eats after 12
i heard they meals missing take a seat in h*lls kitchen
i heard n*ggas still snitching
how n*ggas know they mans a snake, a rat, they still chillin
like how tf u chill with em
f*ck that
i’m the first one to drop a tape, first one to make the merch
doing everything they always wanted to i know it hurts
i chose to hold the team down, and put on all my n*ggas first
then realized if i ain’t do it n*gga, it will never work
it will never work right