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lirik lagu point of no return – lords of decadence


yes * here it is:
we’ve reached the point of no return
we will not stop
cause too much happened in the past
we will go on
cause this is what we want to do
we cannot wait * from now on:
with you or without you

this is gonna rock you like a hurricane
and we don’t want to stop
wow * it’s going on and on
and we don’t want to get off (this path)!

we’re much too fast, we’re taking off
we’ve passed the point of no return
turning back * no more!
we will not brake, we will not stop
until we’ll reach the top
h*ll yeah * let’s get it on!

so you’ve decided to leave us now
it was not your mistake
there’s no need for apologies
yes, we understand and respect the reasons for your farewell
we all know who has pulled the strings in the background

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