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lirik lagu 10,000 angels – lorrie morgan


speakin’ of the devil
look who just walked in
he knew just where to find me
here we go again
i can tell he’s gonna ask me to dance
but that’s not as far as he wants to go
i need 10,000 (ten thousand) angels
to help me tell him no

lead me not into temptation
heaven help me to be strong
i can fight all that i’m feeling
but i can’t do it alone
help me break this spell that i’m under
guide my feet and hold me tight
i need 10,000 angels watchin’ over me tonight

it’s time to face my weakness
‘n’ look him in the eye
lord knows it wont be easy
but i’ve just gotta try
i can’t let myself get lost in his arms
that’s how i got my heart broke before
i need 10,000 angels to walk me out the door


10,000 angels
watchin over me tonight