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lirik lagu ​fuck everyone – loser


i’d k!ll somebody for you to look at me that way again
but you don’t even look me in my face again
n0body do it like you
you give me nightmares and that’s cool
that’s what i choose
yeah, you finally got your song
sorry it took so long
thanks for the takin’ the fall
before the fall when i turn 21
and i can’t turn and run
it’s my turn to be done
it’s my turn to be loved
don’t ask me why i’m not (’cause the answer ain’t a good one, believe me)
i know you don’t need me
you still make me uneasy
i feel like i won easy
i feel like this sh*t’s dead now
and i’m not certified cp—
are you really gonna leave me?
’cause i’ll get to leaving
yeah, that ship sailed now
u.s.s.l, i guess it was fleeting
yeah, i could f*ck anyone (anyone)
i could f*ck everyone (everybody)
but it’s f*ck everyone (everybody)
everyone (everybody)

i took a blinker
‘shroom guy came by, it’s a stinker
we sip wine, we don’t ever sip sprite with the tincture
i’m with the bell like tinker (yeah)
p*ssy got pinker (pinker)
we been on like the ringer
we just linger
hmph, i’m proud
you can really fit the whole thing in yo’ mouth (in yo’ mouth)
wow, so what now? (what now?)
metal on my arm like i run the d*mn town (run the d*mn town)
i understand now
my hands around her waist like a cummerbund now
you wanna outstand if you wanna stand out
so what’s the plan now? (so what’s the plan now?)
she got weak knees (ooh)
she need another 6 weeks (ooh)
i need another 16
i walk around lookin’ mean
i promise that’s just me (promise that’s just me)