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lirik lagu rebecca go home – lost dogs


[verse 1]
rebecca, go home
though you may be scared
just close your eyes and let go
i’m not far behind you
soon i’ll meet you where
the river of life ever flows

[chorus 1]
yes, the lord’s been good to us
but now you’re lying here
and i just found the right words
can you hear them through my tears?

[verse 2]
rebecca, go home
i know you’re tired
god knows i wish that you could stay
you’ve fought the good fight
you’ve been through the fire
let every sweet memory light your way

[chorus 2]
down to the little church
our son has gone to pray
and now that we’re alone, sweetheart
i feel that i can say
rebecca, go home

[guitar solo]
[pedal steel solo]

[verse 3]
ah ooh, rebecca, go home
like when you were a child
your daddy would call out your name
and you’d run through the dark fields
to the light of his smile
my guess is that heaven is much the same

don’t you worry, i’ll be all right
sweet rebecca, my love
(rebecca, go home)
my love, goodnight
(rebecca, go home)
my love, goodnight
(rebecca, go home)