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lirik lagu 14 days – lostribe


what’s the matter with you,
can’t meet me cause,
you’re in a bad mood,
i can’t help you…
am i like just there,
for this love thing and nothing else

i’ve been like waiting for,
two whole days to talk with you,
but i can’t cause,
the love my life,
doesn’t want to show up
in front of me…

can’t wait to see you,
cheer up, goodnight

goodnight… (2x)

this sh-t has spoiled my life,
everything is so p-ssing off,
i feel i’ve spilled my life,
but i’m over it,
i’m ready to begin
a new life, all over again
with you…

you’re really special, to me and i
would absolutely freak,
if i lose you,
i really really love you, a lot
well looks like i’ve written a lot…

can’t wait to see you,
cheer up, goodnight

goodnight (2x)

14 walks of life (believe in me)
14 blue skies above us
14 colours in your face

14 signs you hide (i miss you)
14 thoughts of merry making,
14 days we spent in exile…

in exile (3x)