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lirik lagu mcsorley’s – loudon wainwright iii


quite a crowd standing outside mcsorkley’s
there are cameras and folk from the press
apparently someone wants entry
and that someone is wearing a dress

seems mcsorely has never served ladies
and the ladies they think it’s high time
it’s not that they yearn for the guinness
this tradition’s unfair, it’s a crime

it’s a crime against the liberation
the great movement that’s sweeping the land
brave women are fighting fro freedom
brave women are taking a stand

why, already we have female golfers
dog catchers and plumbers are few
and recently the greatest victory
the honorees have made generals of two

and it’s wonderful everything’s changing
soon the women will be like the men
then they won’t have to cook or have babies
they can rooster, they won’t have to hen

so storm down the doors of mcsorley’s
and knock paddy off of his stool
belly on up to the bar, girls
and let no man think woman a fool