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lirik lagu 45 bars – loure


motivated that’s what i’ve been, i don’t leave the house i don’t wanna be seen, i’m on this rap sh-t bout to overdose, ain’t puting my pen down untill my eyes close. i’m still not rich but i’m almost, and when i, gather all my n-gg-s around and have a f-cking toast, let’s celebrate right, they down with me even after life, put me in coach, it’s my time to shine, you’ve had your shot, this one is mine, n-gg- f-ck average, you can keep that, we only f-ck real b-tches no hood rats, so u better keep 100 when u talk to me, cuz we ain’t bout that bullsh-t and f-ckery..(u feel me?)

right now, this where the fun stops, u might even wanna call the cops, cuz we came from the bottom now we at your rooftop, with straps and watches, rolex and ap, in the kush clouds can you see me ? can you see this ? everything is gold, i’ma young n-gg- but ma money look old
aim..and i shoot for the stars to my compet-tion i’m dropping 45 bars, cuz i know this ain’t a game i don’t really want the fame i just wanna be the same with a lil’ bit of change, we in the same building but we got different views, i can see the ocean and u can see me on the news, so you trynna bring it up, but we gon shut it down, like we do it in every country, every city, every town, all i talk about is foreign gotta a cuban around my neck, got italian on my feet, and a spanish on my bed, might need a new p-ssport, cuz i’m running out of sp-ce, on the road for the money, but this sh-t it ain’t a race, lord forgive me for my sins and things i’m bout to do, but i can’t take the blame for what my pen do, sh-t been going good, better the way i planned, how do you feel when u shake my hand ?