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lirik lagu 001 – loveless (col.)


love, a simple thing
has got me wishing i couldn’t breathe
and i like those words you speak
when you say you hate every single thing
but me

can we hit rewind
thought about you once
now i thought about you twice
can you get out of my mind
’cause you’re in it for a minute
then you stay the whole night
thought you were my friend
shed your crocodile tears in my dm’s
i guess this is how it ends
might go ghost, no cloak like i said

i guess this is how it ends
too many pills & shaky hands
i’ve been looking in this mirror tryna find my answer
every time i think of you
it k!lls me like the cancer rotting away my brain
every hopeless thought
yeah, it drives me insane
& i know that it’s kind of obserd
but every f*cking night i’m feeling like i’m in the dirt
she told me that she loves me
but baby girl, i’m loveless
post up, all black foreign
yeah, you’re the call i’m ignoring
press to start heart, i’ma floor it
i swear to god these pills don’t work
i’ve been seeing strange faces everywhere i look
you’ve been haunting my dreams
& it seems like you’re the only thing
holding me back in the past
i can’t move on

[broke keeps]
you were telling me i’m up next
making songs while you were on my bed
now i hear the sound of silence
& i can’t keep balance
’cause this drink is all in my system
we would laugh & talk things out
now we slowly k!ll our lungs
i just wanna hear your voice
think you really fill this void

look at the moonlight
just look at the rainfall
you told me you love me
but you told me its painful
& i’m bleeding from my forearm
but i swear i meant you no harm
i’m never sleeping
the memories creep in the back of my head
is this really what you wanted
is it this what you really wanted, wanted
yeah, you’re haunting my dreams
leaving footprints in my mind whilst it mends
as i get older i seem to find myself loosing nothing
but all my family & my friends
i’ve been crying on my own to get
back in 2012 playing xbox with all friends
guess they got up, turned their back on me
i don’t have no family

i can feel my soul trynna leave
my ghost stares down from the ceiling
fear me
the hole in my soul is a whole lotta loveless
and it’s over soon
my death, it blooms
the hole in my soul is a whole lotta loveless

they all think i’m crazy
but i just like to hide away
i don’t need no body calling anyway
it’s like it’s just pretend
but i still deserve this
it’s all pretend & loveless