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lirik lagu still rising – lowkey


“still rising”

lowkey, i’m still rising blud
i’m still rising

blud, i’m still rising
iller than i’ll, but still rhyming
my skills thriving
the odds are stack but i’m still rising
feeling violent but i’m still shining
you try stopping me, no joy i’m still here
blud i leave your home boy in a wheel chair
make you experience real fear
the real here
the fake don’t listen
17 spittin’ age old wisdom
before they die if you escape those prisons
i remain with the same goal, vision and aim
but hope the fame goes missing
cause i need my sp-ce
for jesus’ sake
sometimes i wanna leave this place
people dyin’ for nothing
what a needless waste
what the f-ck are them sayin’?
battling me
you’re better off running away
cause i’m stressed and p-ssed, depressed and sick
vexed and sh-t
sometimes i think i need an exorcist
man like me only dreams of a lexus whip
while 50 cent is rich with as many as he wants
i could’ve written any other song
but i’ chose to write this
out to any foes that might diss
cause i’m known for a flow that’s righteous
they wanna overthrow the throw where i sit
on beef, if you overdose you won’t like it
leave you in a coma close to your home and lifeless
rappers are crazy, can’t believe what’s been happening lately
labels cat’in’ to rape me
people acting p-ssive and shady
i dedicate this to any backpacking f-ggot that hates me
cause i got a track in the mainstream

mad world remix, motherf-cker
mad world remix

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