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lirik lagu 01 god talking – lrd_gxdly


lately when you looking into the mirror
you seeing shaka zulu with the pad & pen
pen is your spear
pad is your shield
you going toe to toe with the struggle
18 you got no time
digging up on your own mind
whats in your head is a gold mine
you fighting the war
your mama has been desperately
trying to win her whole life
cava you’re pose
you’re eyes on the throne
forever you keeping your guard up
life is a b-tch……
in the vision you done chained it
the demons trynna keep you away from it
the demons tried to keep you caged in
the struggle has been so cold with it
you kept the pad and the pen touching touching
you heating up
you moving north with it
spreading your wings
your mama shall see
heaven shall sing
believe in your vishhh
breaking the bread
keep the family fed
you heaven sent x4
boy you next

no more b-mping into dead – ends
if the holy ghost says switch lanes
you take another direction
the same way you found yourself cooking up genuine