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lirik lagu 03 forever – lrd_gxdly


[verse 1]
witnessed mama beg the landlord
just to keep the house lights on
mama had to work on weekends
just to make sure we eating
mama kept her composure
raised her son to be a soldier
she don’t want me in the jungle
she don’t want me playing rambo
still rapping a bandanna around head
i cant be romeo without a juliet
juliet aint in my pocket
still iii had a girl
born on the 10th
all of my n-gg-s were out to convince me
man man you cuffed a 10 out 10
flashbacks she was acting up
flashbacks i had to sit down
take the 10 or or you take the l
took the 10
invested it in my bars
mohammed ali when i’m on the hook
rate me ten when the round done
i’m chasing these dibas
madiba on paper
he will definitely
free us
i need no protection
unless i’m protecting myself
from a girl with the intentions
of being my baby mama
somebody tell my mama
somebody tell my mama

i need – these jewels in my pocket x2
i need – my n-gg-s in private x2
king kolo done told me
go big or go home
i need to go home with the biggest cheque
i want to go home with the fattest -ss
forever – this sh-t is forever
forever they will cava da pose
forever ill unlock these flows
forever favors from the lord