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lirik lagu funny rappers – lub bookie


i don’t f*ck with no rappers, them n*ggas be b*tches
not toting no glock if that b*tch not extended
high*speed chasing, we already did it
[?] then we already spent ‘em
most of my opps don’t wanna get busy
we’ll slide through hazel with number 50’s
heard most of the new opps dirty and dinghy
so look for the bums and people with pennies
they ain’t really outside, my n*ggas be sliding
early in the morning, with .40’s and 9’s
n*ggas fronting they move all up on live
you should be in school, where is your dad?
tool stick in a rug’, now n*ggas hiding
we gon’ pull and boom, now everyone sad
a glock with a broom will put you on your ass
if thеy ain’t on hazel, slide on the mag’
wе’ll see n*ggas soon, ‘cuz they ain’t outside
then pull up to the lake’, i’m getting some ass
later at night, we got in a crash
we got away, 12 was mad
we pull up and shoot, i don’t need a driver
[?] a shooter, but also a driver
we get away when no one can find us
come back on the ‘8 and you will get lined up
we really outside with switches and 50’s
i’ll get on your ass before i be friendly
backdoor from the side, you didn’t even see me
so beware, my n*ggas get busy
this is not that, i am not friendly
run up a pack, foe’nem get busy
we riding [?] high cars
and you know them b*tches old as h*ll
see one of those, better tuck your tail
most of the opps tryna stay in the jail
they like the lil folks grown as h*ll
this is not that boy you down forreal